Sunday, July 1, 2007


When the biggest heist in history takes place in Los Angeles, two LAPD vigilantes are quickly commissioned to solve the case... their own way. In the midst of investigation a series of grisly murders breaks out, each one more mysterious than the last. Loose-cannon cop Jack Bradshaw (Denis Leary) and his partner Terry Cooper (Jason Statham) trace the path of a killer who may or may not be one consistent step ahead. The two cops must use unorthodox methods to get the clues they need to get to the next level, however progress is halted when all suspects start vanishing one by one... and when the life of Bradshaw's girlfriend (Jodie Foster) is in danger, things get personal. With the city in panic and the case at a halt, Bradshaw is soon left wondering how the killer is able to trace his steps so closely... find out this Summer in the crime-thriller of the year, Reverser.

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