Saturday, June 9, 2007

Stage Fright

Struggling LA stand-up comedian Damien Black (Richard Lewis) was losing, lonely, and down on his luck... until all of a sudden, he gets bitten by a vampire bat one night after a gig, he wakes up the next morning to find his world turned upside-down... LITERALLY! With a new-found thirst for blood, Black seeks out the nightlife in a whole new way - diving head-first into the monster comedy subculture of LA's sewer system! He's an instant hit with the ghouls and ghosts! This underground lifestyle eventually leaves Black homesick with no hope of returning. Soon the opportunity of a lifetime arrives as he puts together an all-star team of monster comedians to help him take back the stage upstairs! Will his new powers give him the edge he needs to be the Monster-of-Ceremonies? Find out this summer when Richard Lewis stars in Stage Fright!

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Anton said...

Thanks for the article! I've had problems with stage fright myself so it's good to read other perspectives on this.
I still get nervous any time I have to perform in front of others, but I find the best things to do are to be totally prepared, accept that a mistake doesn't mean the whole thing is a disaster and get your breathing under control.
For anyone interested, another website that has articles and help for stage fright is