Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Little Jimmy (Haley Joel Osment) has never had too many friends. On weekends instead of going to parties and playing video-games, he works at the local animal rehabilitation center, helping release injured critters back into the wild. When his older brother suffers a serious head injury and has to drop out of the young master's PGA golf tournament, Jimmy has to step up and try to win the much-needed prize money for his family. There's one thing the event organizers don't know, however... he'll be getting a little backup from his high-flyin' bald-headed friend Mikey! This summer watch the drama unfold in: Eagle.

Snow Clone

An overstressed Chicago businessman (Ben Stiller) travels to the arctic in an attempt to find himself. And he does just that - but he may find himself a little too literally - 6 feet under the ice! Now him and his clone must race to the pole for answers! Snow Clone... coming soon!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sweet Talk

Mike, Josh and Benito are three campers that just can't seem to get enough candy! But when their big stash is stolen by a greedy human grizzly bear, they are forced to engage in series after series of time-consuming negotiations with it in order to reclaim their precious treats. This March, Matt Damon give us a little bit of... Sweet Talk!

Invincible D.A.D

It was just about that time of year for the father-son competition when Taylor's do-it-yourself handyman dad (Bryan Cranston) became bedridden with a life-threatening illness. As a final gift of love for his son, the craftsman made something to live in his memory, a CYBER-OPTIC ROBOTIC COPY DAD made from pure titanium! Taylor's new Invincible D.A.D. (Digital Android Dad) (Bryan Cranston) seems to be able to do anything - built with special pizza-ordering mechanisms, a morphing body for in-town skateboarding and best of all... he's invincible! A regular supercyborg! With only a week to prepare, Taylor and his new D.A.D. look like they're about to ace the father-son competition. However, as the days go by Taylor succumbs to the superficial joys and finds himself more in love with the android than the real thing! But will he see the value and his flesh-and-blood father before it's too late, or will D.A.D win him over for good? Watch as Bryan Cranston finds his way into your heart, and mine... in Invincible D.A.D.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Skate of the Union

When the hip, newly-elected 19 Year-old President Rip Daxter (Shia LaBeouf) proposes his legislation to invert the world famous Capitol building dome to become the ultimate half-pipe, the decision was almost unanimously in favor! After only a month in office, Daxter's skateboarding antics had won over the hearts of the adoring public. But there's just one man standing in his way, the evil Senator Ragnar (Aaron Eckhart)! Hold on to your helmet, this prez is about to turn it upside-down this President's day in Skate of the Union! In this world - skateboarding's not a crime... it's the LAW!

Papa Robber

One rainy night, Franco, an ambitious burgular (Ray Liotta), gains custody of the mysteriously orphaned Tommy. However, along with his newfound responsibility of fatherhood comes the blessing of having a little tyke that can get in all those hard to reach places... Which is just perfect for the ultimate heist that Franco has been planning. Watch as adoptive father and son tag team it on the crime of the century in... Papa Robber!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Ifs, Ands, Or Bots

Captain Brown is a seasoned Navy man fed up with his excuse-making submarine crew, but he's about to learn he better be careful what he wishes for! When the brass issues him a team of back-talkin', bad attitude A.I. crewmen, Brown may just wind up under pressure or over board! Danny Glover in... Ifs, Ands, or Bots!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

BMX Becomes Me

When a stock broker (Pierce Brosnan) unexpectedly loses his job and develops the ultimate BMX obsession, he's got no choice but to hit the road in a cross-country bike journey of self-realization. BMX Becomes Me, a new drama coming to theatres this March.

The Doorway, with Chris Elliott

After Colin, a drug-addicted down-on-his-luck athlete, saves the girl of his dreams from an attempted suicide leap, his life takes an unexpected turn. However, following the mysterious capture of the girl at the hands of a ruthless bionic police investigator, Colin is left with a series of burning question that only he has the power to answer. Namely - who is he really? Amnesia clouds his memory, but when he suddenly develops the psychic ability to jaunt through time, the answers he seeks may be within his grasp. But just as things are begin to look up, Colin is pitted against his one true enemy - the enigmatic bionic captor... who may be more closely related to him than he initially believed. This April comes The Doorway, with Chris Elliot.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Double Uncled!

When already-overwhelmed elementary school student Tyler's parents go on vacation, he's left in the company of his two identical twin uncles. There's just one little problem - all these eccentric brothers ever seem to want to do is horse around, and Tyler's big project is due in less than a week! If you thought two parents were enough, get ready for a family comedy that will turn you upside down! Garry Shandling lands his double starring role in Double Uncled!, in theatres this Easter!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


When Paul is banned from all commercial airlines after being caught in the midst of a terror scare, he is forced to go trans-Atlantic his own way. Only "his own way" is a monumental long-distance human cannon launch! John Goodman is... CannonPaul! It'll be a real blast!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Similar Haircuts

Michael J Fox and Jason Bateman team up for an instant classic about two coworkers who both show up with practically the same 'do! Hilarity ensues in Similar Haircuts. This Spring, things are gonna get a little hairy!

Two-Wheel Dad

When the spirit of Johhny's dad posseses his lucky bicycle, it gets a mind of it's own! Suddenly the bike takes little John on the grown-up journey of a lifetime in... Two-Wheel Dad! Starring Nicholas Cage, and introducing (for the first time) Teddy Davis. This summer, the training wheels come off!

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