Sunday, January 28, 2007

Invincible D.A.D

It was just about that time of year for the father-son competition when Taylor's do-it-yourself handyman dad (Bryan Cranston) became bedridden with a life-threatening illness. As a final gift of love for his son, the craftsman made something to live in his memory, a CYBER-OPTIC ROBOTIC COPY DAD made from pure titanium! Taylor's new Invincible D.A.D. (Digital Android Dad) (Bryan Cranston) seems to be able to do anything - built with special pizza-ordering mechanisms, a morphing body for in-town skateboarding and best of all... he's invincible! A regular supercyborg! With only a week to prepare, Taylor and his new D.A.D. look like they're about to ace the father-son competition. However, as the days go by Taylor succumbs to the superficial joys and finds himself more in love with the android than the real thing! But will he see the value and his flesh-and-blood father before it's too late, or will D.A.D win him over for good? Watch as Bryan Cranston finds his way into your heart, and mine... in Invincible D.A.D.

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