Friday, October 3, 2008

Double Interned! review by Roger Krumble

I can't recall the last time I have ever been so excited about an upcoming comedy! But, by the time you read this review, July 24th 1999 is long past, and I hope that you too have gotten the chance to see Michael Dragus's latest hit, Double Interned!.

I'll plunge right in here, folks, and be the first one to tell you that I know some of the jokes in Dragus's previous favorite Double Uncled! better than I know my in-laws (!!), so needless to say, that left me expecting quite a bit when I got my hands on the straight-to-VHS release of Double Interned! But, rest assured, on the tape lies a world where draggy days in the office are as fun as those long-lost college parties (don't we all wish!), where the water cooler is replaced with the beer keg, and where Jason Biggs masterfully plays not one, but two hilarious main characters!

Dragus' latest installment, Interned! truly impresses! Not only was the directing good, but the jokes were on-top and the writing. With a high-tech revamp that only 1999 could offer, it is just a complete spectacle (I mean, when the Biggs' come on screen, you get BIGG laughs)! Any Y2K college grad fresh on the job market will find that this movie hits a little close to home with a boss who just can't seem to keep his cool! Biggs gives a raunchy and delightfully rompy twist to the Double series - turning away from the wholesome family flicks they once were. Don't get me wrong though, the cookie hasn't Krumbled on this one yet - there are still plenty of jokes for the kids and it will no doubt be a fun family Friday flick (just cover the little one's eyes for the copier scene!)! I will give this movie five stars. Mr. Dragus, Hollywood is waiting - get writing! Krumble out! (PS: Look out for Garry Shandling's HILARIOUS cameo as the twin accountants!)

Krumble Out!
-Roger Krumble, Vonkville Press 2007


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